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Friendly Wandering




Four movements that walk through some of the common experiences of friendship


Movement 1 - Bouncy and Light with the two lines dancing with one another

Movement 2 - Slower and heavier with mimicry between the two lines

Movement 3 - Simple melodies that sound complex

Movement 4 - Simplistic melodies with a light tone that tell of happy days

Friendly Wandering-01
Friendly Wandering-05
Friendly Wandering-09
Friendly Wandering-10
Friendly Wandering-15
Friendly Wandering-16




Friendly Wandering - MIDI
00:00 / 00:00

This is a MIDI Representation. A performance will sound more rich.

A friend once came to me saying how she hoped to perform in a duet with a different instrument family. The one predicament was that she was a percussionist with a main focus on piano. I wrote this piece for her and I to practice and perform, either for just for fun or for others’ enjoyment. Even with its appearance as a clarinet solo with piano accompaniment, I will always think of it as how I wrote it to be. This piece is for a piano and clarinet duet. There are moments where the clarinet plays the prominent part and others where the piano is the focus. The two parts grow through each moment, benefitting off one another until finally ending in harmony and peaceful unity just as friends grow better with each other.

Significant Solos

Bb Clarinet Solo with Piano accompaniment written in more of a duet style


Bb Clarinet


Section Exposure

The two parts play off one another through most of this piece but there are moments where just one or the other play.

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