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Hilltop Ramble




Repetitive base line that moves as a whole, chords vary with the beats, changing melody around the base


Light and Bouncy

Hilltop Ramble-1


Hilltop Ramble - MIDI
00:00 / 00:00

This is a MIDI Representation. A performance will sound more rich.

“Hilltop Ramble” is a simple and complicated musical piece starting with a basic melody that evolves and gains harmonies. With each repetition of the original melody, a new page of the story is told. As the story begins to come to a close, the song simplifies to the consistent origin, showing even through life’s moments, there will always be something to go home to.

Significant Solos

Entirely Soloistic



Section Exposure

Soloist in nature this piece exposes different ranges of the instrument.

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