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Spirits of the Evening Light




One melody repeats throughout the piece as a motif.

Less individual parts so the solo voice can be heard clearer.

Programmatic Music


Light and Dancy

Spirits of the Evening Light v3-01
Spirits of the Evening Light v3-03
Spirits of the Evening Light v3-02
Spirits of the Evening Light v3-04




Spirits of the Evening Night - MIDI
00:00 / 00:00

This is a MIDI Representation. A performance will sound more rich.

This piece follows a fairy through the night as she discovers what is truly special about everyone.


As the sun goes down a fire appears surrounded by trees. A fairy appears, stepping lightly around the fire. Originally following others before creating her own style, she dances about, her shadows casting off and fading into nothing. Darkness draws others to the light as the lone fairy continues her spirals.


The music follows the fairy as others approach, cautious of difference. With every step they take together, the young fairy takes her own step down her unique path. A few fairies try to follow her lead but she changes as they find the groove. The fairies, angered by the first for leaving the “zone of normality”, start to leave.

The music slows and the first fairy sits alone for a while, saddened by her friends leaving her. A second fairy approaches, taking up the first fairy’s dance. Smiling, the first joins in, finding a rhythm to complement her friend’s style. Slowly they return, finally understanding what it’s all about.

The music picks up again as, together, each fairy finds their step and joins in, whether with familiar steps or something brand new. As the sun starts to rise, the fairies dance their final dance before gently fading off with the last remnants of shadows. The best part of everyone is their ability and desire to look beyond their differences to bring unity.

Significant Solos

Clarinet Solo running through the piece as well as instruments such as Euphonium and Soprano Saxophone


Bb Clarinet


Flute 1

Flute 2



Eb Clarinet

Bb Clarinet 1

Bb Clarinet 2

Bass Clarinet

Soprano Saxophone

Alto Saxophone

Tenor Saxophone

Baritone Saxophone

Bb Trumpet 1

Bb Trumpet 2

Horn 1-2

Horn 3-4






Tubular Bells



Snare Drum

Section Exposure

Starts with a thin texture

Euphoniums begin the piece

Horn moments

Trumpet statement mid-way through the piece

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